Cookie policy

The website of ULTRAVIOLET lingerie uses cookies. In this cookie policy we describe what this exactly means. 

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by the browser on your computer. We use these cookies to recognize you when you visit our webshop. Cookies allow us to collect information about the use of the webshop and, if necessary, improve it and adjust it to the wishes of our visitors. Cookies do not damage your computer and never contain personally identifiable information, such as payment details.

ULTRAVIOLET lingerie uses the following types of cookies:

Session cookies

Session cookies are used to remember your preferences. These are deleted when you close your browser. For example, a session cookie ensures that browsers remember which products you have placed in your shopping cart during your visit at the ULTRAVIOLET lingerie webshop.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are used to remember your preferences and behavior. These expire automatically after a set period, unless you remove them early. These types of cookies help us to personalize your online shopping experience and to provide you with correct and usable information during your visit.

Analytics and tracking cookies

The analytics and tracking cookies are used to remember your behavior. The cookies automatically expire after a fixed period, unless you delete them early. We use these cookies to collect statistics from our visitors in tools such as Google Analytics.

Social cookies

Social cookies are placed by social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These cookies expire automatically after a fixed period, unless you delete them yourself. Social cookies make it possible to share content from the ULTRAVIOLET lingerie webshop on your own social network. These cookies are not set for a specific social network. You can consult the individual privacy policy of the relevant networks for more information and for the management of these cookies.

Deactivate and delete cookies

By using the ULTRAVIOLET lingerie webshop, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. If you do not give your consent, you must deactivate the cookies or not use the ULTRAVIOLET lingerie webshop. If you deactivate the cookies from our webshop, essential parts of our webshop will not function correctly or not function at all. Instructions for deactivating or removing cookies consult the internet browser you use.

Do you have any questions after reading our cookie policy? Then please check our FAQ. Click here to go to our FAQ page. If you want to contact us, then see our contact page here for all our contact details.